December 3, 2023


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10 Tips for Evernote Users

Evernote is the ideal device to seize your suggestions, to-dos, website web page clippings, scanned visuals and every thing else. It does consider time to recognize the utility of this powerful software package, but after you get the dangle of it, you are going to discover it complicated to handle your electronic lifestyle without the need of Evernote.

I have been making use of Evernote extensively for about 2 yrs now and store basically all the things from notes to web web pages to reminders. And considering the fact that Evernote can combine will all the popular apps – Dropbox, Google Travel and Google Calendar to title a couple – by means of world-wide-web expert services like IFTTT or Zapier, that can make it even more beneficial.

10 Evernote Recommendations and Tips

Here are some of the ideal features of Evernote that most of us may well not be aware of. And if you have been asking yourself why would any one require Evernote when Gmail can provide as a equivalent storehouse, these minor matters will convince you to make the shift.

1. Password-shield Delicate Textual content

When it is not doable to encrypt an overall be aware inside Evernote, you can pick text within individul notes and defend the sensitive bits with your very own password. Evernote supports 2-aspect authentication so it will be actually tough for somebody to get in your account but with encryption, you get an added layer of defense.

Password Encrypted Notes

Bonus tip: You can even research for “Notes with encyption” to swiftly see all the encrypted notes.

2. Make a Look at Folder

Individuals use Evernote to shop scanned receipts, PDF manuals, cooking recipes, travel tickets and other paperwork that they may possibly will need on the go. Instead of manually importing these documents into Evernote, you can develop a “watch” folder on your laptop and any file that you drop within this folder will automatically exhibit up in your Evernote. This is a Windows only characteristic however.

3. Stay Regional

The USP of Evernote is fast sync. You make a take note on your Android mobile phone and it will display up on your computer system and iPad. That explained, if you would like to produce notes that only stay on your computer and do not sync with your other products, you can build a Regional Notebook. Notes and documents place within this notebook will not be uploaded to Evernote servers and you won’t be ready to transform this into a synchnornized notebook at any time later.

4. Develop Shortcuts to Notes

If you are open up a note, you require to start the Evernote application, search for the be aware and then double-click to open up it. This is time-consuming but what you can do is use Apple Script on Mac to generate shortcuts to notes that you routinely use and position them on the desktop. Here’s a sample script:

tell application id "com.evernote.Evernote"

--- Switch NotebookName with your Evernote Notebook
set notebookName to "NotebookName"

--- Exchange NoteTitle with the title of your notice
established matchingNotes to locate notes ("intitle:NoteTitle")
set matchingNote to item 1 of matchingNotes

open up note window with matchingNote

conclusion inform

Save the .scpt file on your desktop and double-click it to immediately open up the corresponding observe.

5. Look for Textual content inside Illustrations or photos

Like Google Push, Evernote supports OCR and allows you lookup for textual content within photos and even handwritten notes. For instance, you can use the cell phone camera to snap cafe menus and ahead the images to your Evernote. The subsequent time you want to purchase “Okra Masala”, you can just lookup in Evernote and it will clearly show all the restaurant menus the place that dish is readily available.

Reward suggestion: Put recoType:handwritten or recoType:photograph in the lookup box to see all your notes whose articles can be extracted applying OCR.

6. Use Nested Tags

You have been using tags to group relevant notes in Evernote but did you know that the resource also supports nested tags just like labels in Gmail. Open up the Tags list in Evernote and drop a tag around a different to established the former as a sub-tag of the latter. This will make tag business easier and you do not have to create individual notebooks for all the things.

Evernote Nested Tags

Bonus suggestion: You can add particular symbols like hash or the exclamation mark in the beginning of a tag name to set your most-utilised tags at the top rated of the list.

Evernote supports a wide variety of innovative research operators (full checklist) to support you locate the precise information you are on the lookout for. Some examples:

  1. Use source:world wide web.clip to research notes saved through the world-wide-web clipper.
  2. Use made:day-2 to see notes made in the very last 2 days. Or say established:7 days for notes added this 7 days.
  3. Use supply:cell.* to get a listing of notes developed using any of Evernote’s cell application.

8. Bulk-forward E-mail to Evernote

Your Evernote account has a dedicated e mail handle and any message forwarded to this tackle will come to be a take note in your default notebook. If you have a bunch of messages in Gmail that you would like to retail store in Evernote, use the car-ahead script – just build a label in Gmail named Evernote and any mails with this label are forwarded to Evernote quickly.

9. Switch your Emails into Reminders

Evernote is not just a resource for archiving e-mail but the similar workflow can be utilised to produce brief reminders from your mailbox. Compose a new message, or ahead an current a person, and place an exclaimation image in the matter line adopted by the day when you would like to be reminded and send it to your Evernote address. For occasion:

Subject: Understand how to code !2014/12/12 Subject matter: Decide up bouquets !tomorrow

10. Edit Attachments Stay

Evernote supports Reside Updates and is consequently more practical than storing file attachments in email (which are read only). Allow me explain. If you have connected a PDF file to a be aware, you can double-click on the attachment to edit the PDF and help you save. The file will be immediately up to date in your note as properly.