5 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is a Convenient Place to Travel

Everyone wants to explore a new place stress-free especially after encountering much hassle during the pre-flight preparations. Being troubled during your vacation can spoil the whole mood for the adventure. That usually isn’t the case when you’re touring a place like Hong Kong. It’s a travel destination that offers a plethora of conveniences, making it one of the most preferred cities to travel.

One notable advantage this magnificent city has is the innumerable number of flight connections from other major cities. You can easily connect your flight from Chiang Mai when you fly with Cathay Pacific. The airline company has been in the aviation industry for many years, offering seamless travel to various destinations. 

Many travelers who’ve been to HK have lauded its conveniences, tempting many to stay. So, what makes this city so special?

Happier and Less Worried

The number one thing that has made Hong Kong tourist-friendly is its no-visa policy; it allows visitors to stay in the city for less than 2 weeks. This has allowed many travelers to explore the city due to its ease of entry. The majority of Hongkongers speak fluent English, a feature that can be very handy especially when you want to find your bearing. Also, the signs have been written in English, hence making it easy to navigate around. The city is also packed with ATMs in different locations that accept MasterCard and Visa for both debit and credit cards. Therefore, you’ll never get stranded due to lack of cash. 

Fantastic Transport System

Hong Kong is a city that’s setting a good pace when it comes to public transportation. Its sophisticated commute systems are very friendly to both young and the elderly. The Octopus card, not a cuisine but a mode of payment, allows commuters to efficiently pay when moving from one point of the city to the other. You can choose to travel via buses, trams, the railway system, or even ferries. For a more breathtaking adventure, be sure to take the night ferry where you’ll be dazed by the glow of the city in the dark.

Top-Notch Theme Parks

The good thing about traveling to HK is this; it’s a city that is very child friendly, thus suitable for a family vacation. The Ocean Park and Hong Kong’s Disney Land are places that are worth exploring when you’re traveling with your family. Both places were designed with the needs of people in mind, including various amenities for baby strollers. Furthermore, the food selections in these places are remarkable, offering tasty cuisines that cater to the meal preferences of many people while remaining sensitive enough to consider their religious observations.

Concrete Jungle and Lush Greenery Combined

It’s always fascinating to see how one side of HK is full of tall beautiful concrete jungle while the other is also covered in lush greenery. This makes it the perfect destination to explore both sides. The lush greenery sides have well paved trails that are perfect for hiking activities. Besides that, you’ll also be shocked to see how the beaches in this city are so pristine. The combination of hills, beaches, tall structures, and jungles have made Hong Kong one of the most instagramable places on earth. To top it up, most of this places are close to the city, with the majority of them taking only a half an hour’s drive to access them. 

Delicious Meals

We can’t highlight HK and fail to mention its wide array of tasty cuisines. Whether you want to try its street food or opt to dine in one of many Michelin star restaurants, one thing is certain; whatever meal you order, it will leave you yearning for more. Given its concoction of cultures, this is a city that has a variety of meals that are influenced by the divergent of those cultures. 

Conclusion The beauty and convenience of Hong Kong are traits which have made many foreigners fall for it. The list provided above barley scratches the surface on the reasons that make HK a popular destination. Still, they serve an excellent guide to people who are looking for a travel destination that’s easy on foreigners. Be sure to include Hong Kong on your next travel adventure.