November 27, 2022


Daily Plane Travel

How to Make Your Trip Enthralling with Your Pet?

When it is certain that you have to fly across the country, it is very hard for a pet owner to leave his pet behind and so in the modern era, the new activity is that they make their pets fly with them. All over the world there are different airlines and their rules determine whether they would allow any dogs or cats on board or not. It is not like they are service dogs; those dogs that are travelling for a specific purpose, and so that is why these people make sure that they prove to the airline that their pets have gone through the whole process of ESA certification.

ESA stands for Emotional Support Animal, and for the certification you have to contact a therapist and take their help in getting a letter that is signed by them, you will then be submitting that to the airline as a proof that the specific animal is so that it can provide emotional support for you since you are going through some mental disabilities. There are different issues that come under the mental disabilities that we are talking about over here; bipolar disorder, panic attacks, separation anxiety and autism are some of them. When the airline accepts the ESA letter, they would then allow you to carry your pet while you travel.

Emotional support animals are different from the service animals; service animals are the ones that are there for a reason for example guarding or security purpose. But when it comes to the emotional support animals, they are the ones that help people handle some of their disabilities. The emotional support animals do not have to be trained and that is why even after being ESA certified, many airlines are not allowing these pets to get on board with the pet owner. This is because of the fact that many companies are getting the certification done that is fake. This has led to a question of how the airlines are supposed to believe in the pet owners with emotional support animals.

There are a number of tips that can make the travel with your pet memorable, once you are sure that it would be allowed on the airline. Starting with the tip of getting the pet checked by the vet, this is necessary because the airlines are supposed to make sure that the pet is not unwell and if it is suitable to fly or not. This is because in the past, there have been times when pets have died as they were not able to handle traveling through airlines. It is always better to make sure of this thing.

When you are traveling with your pet, you shall keep in mind that your pet would not understand you being so busy that they feel ignored. They would always want you to give them your undivided attention. That is why you have to make time for them so that you play with them and help them get used to the new environment.

It is better that you pack the food for your pet since you might not get the same branded food on the destination country and it might not suit your pet too. So it is always a smart idea to get ample food supply for your pet so that it does not have to suffer because of the environment change. This will also make sure that your pet will feel close to home as it would have the same food as it had back in the home country in that case.