October 5, 2022


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The Importance of Maintaining Mental Health on a Travel Nursing Job

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Nursing jobs are indeed exhausting since they have to attend to patients who need utmost care  and their shifts are usually long. So the question is Travel Nursing Stressful?most nurses are interested in working as a travel nurse because of the flexibility of schedule and other benefits which makes it less stressful compared with a regular nursing job. However, there are also cons for travel nurse jobs and one of these is homesickness, since travel nurses are assigned outside their residences. Let’s take a look at the questions that are related to how maintaining mental health on a travel nursing job is important.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Travel Nurse?

Let’s try to check on the pros and cons of travel nursing jobs and balance if it can make life better for nurses or not?


  1. Higher Pay 

Travel nursing jobs pay higher than regular nurse jobs. The pay depends on your place of designation, if the city has a higher living cost then you also get higher pay. But some places really pay higher despite their economic status. 

  1. Flexible Schedule 

In a travel nursing job you can have a flexible schedule depending on your assignment. You can work three times a week on a 12-hours shift or every day at 8 -hours shift or shorter. Another good thing about a travel nurse job is you can decline jobs that are not agreeable to you.


  1. Too Much Exposure to Risk 

Travel nurses destinations usually last for 13 weeks which means you have to move to several places for your job assignments which means you are more exposed to different risks from different medical facilities. 

  1. Too Much Moving 

For some people getting assigned to different places in a short time is fun, however not all people are into this kind of setup. They might feel lonely since they can not establish  relationships with people whom they meet plus getting home sick. That’s why it is important to maintain mental health when working as a   nurse. 

How Do Nurses Maintain Mental Health?

To be able to be in an active and functional state travel nurses needs some activities to maintain their mental health here are some things travel nurse can do:

Give Time for Yourself

Find time to do relaxing things such as meditate, massage or a local trip even just for a day so you can take  a break from work and refresh your mind. 

  • Visit a Quiet Place 

Going to a calm pace can also calm yourself. You can visit a museum near your destination.

  • Have  regular Exercise

If you have a chance to do exercise outside that will be great so you can reset your mind to produce endorphins that can make you relax and happy. Swimming, jogging, and hiking will be a good choice for outdoor exercise. For indoor yoga and 30 minutes of work out before heading to work can be good.   

  • Build  a Social Network 

Although establishing social groups can be hard due to short term work assignments, getting involved in groups where you can get together during your stay can be helpful in combating homesickness as well as feeling of loneliness. Make friends with your co-workers and have a simple date with them if time permits. In that way you can have someone to share your laughter and worries. 

  • Be Positive 

You have to be positive at all times when working as a travel nurse, since you need this for the whole duration of your assignment. You have to uplift yourself to avoid negativity since this can affect your performance in your job. Positivity can make your work more efficient and can make your day better. 
Maintaining Mental Health on a Travel Nursing job is needed so you can be a good travel nurse. Think of positive things and get support if needed. Psychiatric travel nurses can also be present in your destination, talk to them, and they can give you advice or if you are one knowing How Much Do Psychiatric Travel Nurses Make? Can make you feel better so hang in there. There are a lot of   nurse jobs and an in-demand specialty (ICU) travel nursing jobs too so if you are a nurse and have the skills try travel nursing and job. You can apply the tips to be able to worry less in your travel nurse jobs.