October 5, 2022


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Top places to visit in Southern Europe within the Mediterranean

Most countries in Southern Europe are located around the Mediterranean Sea. The European countries that surround the Mediterranean include Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Monaco, France, and Spain. Cyprus and Malta are also European countries, though they are Island countries implying that they are located within the Sea. Other countries around the Mediterranean, thought not within Europe include Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. Hence, if you want to visit the Mediterranean, these are some of the countries that you can visit. This article will discuss the Mediterranean culture and top places to visit in Southern Europe.

The Mediterranean Culture

The Mediterranean Culture mainly hovers around diet, family, and loved ones, moving naturally, laughing often, as well as living more simply. In terms of diet, Mediterranean foods are mainly lean proteins, fiber, dairy, vegetables, and grains. The lean proteins are majorly gotten from seafood and nut. Those on the Mediterranean tend to stay away from meats with fat. The people’s major fat source is Olive oil. Most of their meals have olive oil as part of the ingredient.

Family is very important to the Mediterranean people. They not only enjoy staying with family members but they also enjoy eating together. Since the people of the Mediterranean try to avoid eating much, they get an extra benefit of eating slowly and reduced the probability of not stuffing themselves by eating with family. Hence, most of the kids grew up eating with family members and loved ones and they have continued with the tradition.

Most people from the Mediterranean do not carve out a time for exercising. Fortunately, their way of life requires them to move around regularly and natural means of movement are encouraged. Hence, most people walk to work or walk part of the way. The same applies to most of the other places they visit during the day including dairy shops, bakery, farmer’s market, and homes of family and friends among others.

The people of the Mediterranean also enjoy laughing. They enjoy telling funny stories and laughing. This is to balance their serious lifestyle, thereby helping them to catch fun and stay joyful while taking life seriously.

The Mediterranean culture also encourages leaving life simply. In many areas within the Mediterranean, people tend to have lesser possessions and enjoy eating fresh food. Hence, they hardly buy food in bulk as they don’t mind going to the market several times a day even though they would mostly go on foot. They also have some recipes where leftover food or bread that is a day old is used to make another delicacy. This helps them to minimize wastage. Some of the top places to visit in Southern Europe are discussed subsequently.


Barcelona, located in Spain, is the Catalan capital and presents an exciting, historic, and vibrant city. Food markets that are awe-inspiring, Modernist marvels, and the Gothic Old Town are a few of the reasons Barcelona should feature on your list of places to see in Mediterranean Europe. When you want to visit these cities, you can consider using the services of Justfly after reading Justfly reviews.


Bonifacio is located on Corsica’s French Island by the Southern tip. Bonifacio means the pretty face and has the look of dangling into the sea. The city features Roman ruins and Medieval fortresses. It is a historic city with natural beauty.


Located under France, but on the border between France and Space, the city is nestled on the Pyrenees mountains edge. Many artists including Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse have drawn inspiration from the city.

Cinque Terre

Located in Italy, the area became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. The name means Five lands and features a collection of five fishing villages with pastel colors sitting on the edge of a cliff. It is connected to other parts of Italy through a train track that was built in the nineteenth century. If you enjoy travelling on train, you can consider patronizing Rail Europe for moving around Europe.


Located in Greece, the city is famous for the white-washed homes that bright stand out against the colored cliffs. It is reputed to be among the picture-perfect Greek islands.

Other Mediterranean Europe cities you should consider visiting include Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain; Naples, Italy; Palermo, Sicily; Monaco, France; Bosa, Sardinia; The Amalfi Coast, Italy; Paphos, Cyprus; Chania, Crete; Gibraltar; Mykonos, Greece; Venice, Italy; Marseille, France; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Cannes, France; Valletta, Malta; Antalya, Turkey; Athens, Greece; Valencia, Spain; and Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.